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A Note From Julie

I always dreamed of writing a book which made people laugh or gave them moments away from reality. In my series of books, I hope my readers experience all emotions,

laughter, tears, and moments of joy.  I want to make a difference by the words I write. Most of all I want to convey the message that dreams never die, they just change into another dream. Don’t let go of your dream. Greatness was made of dreams. You are never too old to dream.

My Grandma died when I was six years old, yet she popped up in my life again a few years ago when I saw the cover my publishing company, Cozy Cat Press,  designed for my Fuchsia, Minnesota books. The Granny on the cover was the spitting image of my real Grandma down to a picture I had of her with her dress and hat. I feel she is watching over me in my career. You can see her picture above.

The shysters in my fiction, which is what I call my mischievous animals, are modeled somewhat on the pets I have had in my life and those who rule my household now. Boris and Natasha always keep my life interesting.

Join me in my writing journey. Visit my blog on this site and learn along with me the pitfalls and the joys of being a writer. My artistic life would not be complete without all the other authors and artists who inspire me. You will find them as guests on my blog, Mysterious Musings, from time to time.

Because I have a lot to say I have another blog.  On Sprinkled Notes I write about whatever fills my mind on a given day. You will also find  my columns from the newspapers who graciously support those nothings that I write. My blog Sprinkled Notes is sprinkles of this n’ that.

Have a happy day today and always.