Author Julie Seedorf


We human beings are a work in progress. From birth to death we experience joy, laughter, excitement, sadness, sorrow, disappointment, and emotions that are strictly ours. They lift us to our highest heights and take us to our lowest lows. The emotions and experiences mold us into who we are with ourselves, our families, and our friends.

I am a dreamer. I haven’t always accomplished my dreams but there is a feeling when I have them that takes me to the next step and another dream that may come true. Becoming a published author in my older years was a dream come true.

During my lifetime I have worked at being a waitress, a barmaid, a salesperson, a dietary aide, an activities assistant, a soda jerk, and a computer technician, finally owning my own computer business. I learned through these experiences about life and people. My most important, rewarding, and best career was being a mom.

My books and my writing reflect on my dreams, meaning the differences between my series are an eclectic mix between humor and fantasy, and some serious subjects that I address in the Whistle Stop Series. We need both in our lives. Laughter to lighten our world, fantasy to dream a little so that we can weather the tough subjects that we all know will be a part of our journey.

Happy Reading