King Harald’s Heist by Richard Audry

King Harald is at it again in the second book in the King Harald Series by Richard Audry. Who doesn’t live a Canine Cozy Mystery?

Andy Skyberg moved to New Bergen, Minnesota to get out of the big city and to paint. Living in a community with his family complicated matters at times, especially when his Aunt decided Andy needed to take a shot at being interim Mayor. And who knew his two elderly neighbors held a secret and that asking Andy to do them a favor would lead crime sniffer Harald to a dead body?

This is the second book in this series that I read and I have not been disappointed. It lopes along at a comfortable pace which draws you in and lets you feel the New Bergen pace of life. The characters become friends of yours and what better feeling is there when reading a book then feeling you are settling into a community.

As always the mystery keeps you guessing. And the way the author writes Harold’s thoughts makes you wonder what your animals are thinking. He seems to capture the spirit and essence of Harald and is able to pass it along to his readers so they have a vision of Harald’s every move. I would give this book five stars.

51jmQJ4C89L._AC_US218_King Harald’s Heist

Join King Harald and Andy Skyberg on their second adventure!

As the leaves begin to change color in New Bergen, Andy Skyberg wants to turn his full attention to his sister’s new café and art gallery—and to the beautiful Finnish architect who’s managing the project.

But the good-natured, go-to guy can’t seem to catch a moment’s peace.

His next-door neighbors—two elderly sisters—want him to fend off a pushy historian who thinks they had a scandalous past. His parents enlist him to entertain a narcissistic, boring couple they would like to ditch. And his ever-scheming Aunt Bev tricks Andy into seeking an improbable new gig that could land him in the hot seat.

Even Andy’s big ol’ mutt King Harald has a kennel full of trouble in store for him, beginning with a pilfered thousand-dollar bill and a naughty garden gnome. Before long, New Bergen’s favorite crime-sniffing pooch finds even more deep doo-doo to toss his boss into.

Havoc and hilarity ensue, as Andy and his happy hound get to the bottom of King Harald’s Heist.

61N2oWjuuuL._UX250_More About Richard Audrey

Richard Audry is the pen name of D. R. Martin. In addition to his career as a journalist and copywriter, D. R. has written a dozen books, both fiction and non-fiction. His current projects include a fantasy adventure trilogy, a canine cozy mystery series, and historical mysteries set at the turn of the last century.

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