The Muddy Course by Diane Weiner

A dead body, a kidnapped sister, and a difficult teenager who wants to meet her real father who happens to be in prison, is all you could ask for in a cozy mystery.

Author Diane Weiner sets up the story and the mystery perfectly. Her Sugarberry Falls series continues with The Muddy Course as the fifth book in the series and muddy it is. There are many twists and turns in this book and it keeps the reader turning the pages and wanting more.

Each book in the series seems to get better. This is the second series for this author and it is my favorite. Throw in an anxious mother, a teenager, pets, neighbors and friends and it throws suspicions on everyone.

Sugarberry Falls in itself is a charming community. I always lose myself in this community and want to visit and stay at the Inn and adopt more animals.

It’s quite tricky as a writer to have three mysteries going at one time and Diane does it well. Her characters likable but they begin to feel more like family with each new book in the series that you read.

I would give this book 5 stars.

The Muddy Course

Thirty years after her sister’s death, Emily’s mother comes to visit with Earth shattering news. After years of blaming herself for Amy’s drowning, is it possible her sister, who was born with Down’s syndrome, has been alive all this time? Meanwhile, when a man falls from the roof at the Sugarbury Falls arts fair, Dr. Henry Fox is first on the scene but he’s too late to save him. Was the fall accidental? Emily heard two men arguing shortly before the incident. Evidence points to murder. Emily and Henry uncover a web of hidden truths and deceptions while helping the town’s detective solve the murder.

Diane Weiner

Diane Weiner is a veteran public school teacher and mother of four children. She has enjoyed reading for as long as she can remember. She has fond memories of reading Nancy Drew and Mary Higgins Clark on snowy weekend afternoons in upstate New York and yearned to write books that would bring that kind of enjoyment to her readers. Being an animal lover, she is a vegetarian and shares her home with two adorable cats. In her free time, she enjoys running, attending community theater productions, and spending time with her family (especially going to the mall with her daughter and getting Dairy Queen afterwards). Murder is Medical is the latest (book 10) in the Susan Wiles School House Mystery series. Clearing the Course (book 3) is the latest in her Sugarbury Falls series. A Deadly Course won an Eric Hoffer finalist award. Murder is Collegiate made the short list for the Chanticleer Murder and Mayhem Mystery Award. Follow her at or visit her Facebook page at dianeweinerauthor

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