Readin’ and Writin’ But No Rithmetic’

There used to be an old song my mom and dad sang to me when I was little. Yes, this dates me a lot. The song was School Days. The verse went something like this: School days, school days, Dear old golden rule days. Readin’ and writn’ and Rithmetic’. Taught to the tune of a hickory stick.

My reading corner.

That is what I have been doing these days, not to the tune of a hickory stick but to the tune of silence and quiet as I curl up in my reading corner, or move to a different corner for my writing journey. I want to tell you a little about my reading corner. You might just see books and a chair but here is what I see.

The chaise is a gift from my friend Jan’s husband. It was her chair and she is now singing in the heavenly choirs so he gifted the chair to me. I feel Jan every time I sit in it. The Chenille bedspread is very old. I remember it on the bed in the bedroom when I was very little. I always loved this bedspread and it makes me think of my mom. The bookshelf, not the wall one but the small one, is a shelf I bought and refurbished with craft paper and decoupage, the same with the tray which is decorated with pages from my Granny books. The metal flower on the wall and the Beautiful sign were a gift from my friend, Donna. The Old woman on the bookshelf was also a gift from Donna and the three angels were gifts from my friend Fran, who also resides now in heaven. The old oil lamp on the wall is from my Grandma’s house. It was in her porch for as long as I remember until we had to sell the house. She died when I was a junior in high school. The clay blob which is a bank, on the shelf, was made by my son Matt when he was little. The crocheted photo album cover was made by Jan. You can’t see the cement stepping stone sitting by my chair on the radiator but that was made by my grandkids, Maggie and Jake. I could name more but you get the picture. You might see too much stuff but I see loved ones every time I glance at something and it’s warms my heart and brings me comfort and joy. Onward to my reading.

I have read some good books starting with Author Sherrie Hansen and her newest book, Seaside Daisy. The story and mystery are set in Scotland, one of Sherrie’s favorite places. Daisy Fitzpatrick thought she had started over with a new life, but due to a glitch in her inheritance of gold she had found on what she thought was her property, she finds herself back in Dingle at her Granny’s cabin. A priest has been found dead and she is a suspect. What she finds is a mystery waiting for her to solve, a romance she may not be ready for, and townsfolk who love to gossip about her. Her most amazing find might be what she learns about herself.

Sherrie Hansen

I gave this book five stars. The author does an excellent job of weaving the story and also describing the countryside of Scotland. You feel as if you are there. It has an easy feel to it but keeps you intrigued as to where it is going and wanting to see how the mystery unfolds. If you are a cozy fan or a fan of clean reads with a little romance and mystery this book is for you. You can find Sherrie at: Amazon Author Page

Seaside Daisy

The next book I read was a thriller called Thief River Falls by Author Brian Freeman. The setting takes place in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, my home state. This is a psychological thriller. Writer Lisa Power, author of Thief River Falls, leads a secluded life after losing her entire family. A young, lost boy shows up at her home one foggy night and it leads her on a dangerous journey of exposing a crime in her hometown that may cost her her life.

I have to tell you I would give this book ten stars if I could. It kept me glued to its pages. It gave me a surprise ending that I didn’t see coming and then it kept me awake at night wondering what I may have missed now that I know the ending. I will say it haunted me and I have to go back and read it again. You can find out more about the author here: Brian Freeman on Amazon.

Last but not least this week I read Where the Crawdads Sing by Author Delia Owens. Many of you have maybe heard the raves about this book and it isn’t fake news but factual review news because it is that good. Who is the Marsh Girl? Is she someone to fear? In 1969 Chase Andrews is found dead. The main suspect is the Marsh Girl whose real name is Kya Clark. Kya finds beauty in life in the marsh. It is all she has ever known after being abandoned by her family to fend for herself, but does that make her a killer because she is uneducated and different?

This book touched my soul deeply. The writer takes you on a journey that makes you feel every emotion along with the character. You can also feel the specialness of the marsh along with visualizing what Kya is seeing and hearing. Life is not black and white and you will understand that after losing yourself in this excellent story.

And last but not lease I will highlight one of my books. Have you read the Brilliant Series yet? Lol it is brilliant.

Brilliant Series
Available in Print, Kindle and Audio

I hope you enjoyed seeing my reading corner and I wish you happy reading during this difficult time. Let the imagination of authors take you away from the world for a little while and introduce you to some wonderful characters, each different in different genres that might tweak your interest.

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