Getting Stale

It’s easy to get stale and in a rut when you get older. We get set in our ways. We find it hard to change. That also extends to the life of an author, especially if we are oldster challenged.

As an author I have multiple media accounts and this blog is one of them. These darn programs keep changing and updating and my brain doesn’t always update with them, so it takes me twice as long to get something done because I have to learn how to do it the new way. By the time I get it down it changes again.

We are in a transition time for authors and writers. It is challenging to sell our work. Yes, Amazon and Apple and other websites are open but our bookstores and libraries have been closed. There are many people who do not read e-books and like the smell and feel of holding a book in their hands. I alternate between paperback and e-books when I read.

As authors all of our appearances have been cancelled, mine included. We are leaning a new way. On Friday I am doing a Zoom interview with a bookstore in Kansas called Russell Specialty Books and Gifts. I am not sure when it will be aired but this is a new thing for me. I might consider doing some Zoom interviews with other authors and readers as well.

Here I am with a stock of books and no place to go, so I updated my website and I have placed a signed book copy page on the site. Signed copies make a great gift and right now it is fun to get cards and gifts in the mail. We also need to have some laughter in our life and I guarantee Granny will make you laugh.

Another page I added was some photography by a friend. I used his photography on my covers and now on this website. He is getting started in the business and is going to be selling his prints. So take a look at the Dp Photography page. We are also working on some greeting cards. We are all learning a new way.

I also added items from my Zazzle Store, Hermiony’s It is another way to give a gift. I will adding more creations in the days to come. Dave and I are also partnering up for cards so watch for that. Make sure you look for the codes at the top of the pages for discounts.

I am not a professional website designer and I don’t have the bucks to hire one so I do it myself. Another stretch of fun and possibly many mistakes so I hope you enjoy my endeavors.

Let me know what you would like to see on my website. What would keep you coming back.? I love to hear from my readers.

Where do you find your new books? How do you like to get your news about books and upcoming events.? Let me know.

Feel free to share this. Feel free to ignore this or feel free to share a happy thought.

Until we meet again I leave you with this

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