Book Review – Mooved to Murder by CeeCee James

Moove over there’s a new woman in Cedar Falls, North Carolina. It wasn’t exactly where Chelsea Lawson had planned to visit on a break from her job, but her friend Tilly needed her help to watch her six-year-old daughter and her farm animals, which were also pets. With trepidation, Chelsea decided to step out of her comfort zone, tackle caring for her friend’s daughter, and get acquainted with some stubborn animals.
I loved this mystery. I immediately fell in love with Chelsea Lawson. A loyal friend, smart woman who keeps her cool, almost, in the face of strange circumstances.
The writing style of this book was easy and comfortable. I felt as if I was walking side by side with the character and seeing things through her eyes. Her feelings of anxiousness and uncertainty of taking care of a six-year-old, having no previous experience with these amazing curious young ones rippled through my memories of when I had been presented with the same thing in the early days of raising my children. Rosy, the cow, adds to the mystery. My heart raced along with Chelsea’s when trying to keep Rosy in line. I was waiting for her to not be able to get out of the way of a kick from Rosy.
The mystery is well planned and reveals itself in bits and pieces, keeping in pace with the characters’ discoveries of life on a hobby farm. Mooved to Murder is entertaining, keeps us wondering with its plot twists and all in all, is the kind of read we want in these days to take us out of the real world and to an easier pace of life.
I give it five stars and…I immediately downloaded the next book. Thank you CeeCee James for giving me a day of reading pleasure.

About CeeCee James

Her words from her Amazon page.

Hi, there! I’m CeeCee James, USA Today bestselling author who first started this writing world as a kid and continued on with bedtime stories for my own kids. I have a few mystery series –the Baker Street Mysteries, Angel Lake Cozy Mysteries, Flamingo Realty, Oceanside Hotel mysteries and more! I love creating new worlds and puzzling through cozy murder mysteries. My favorite sleuths are curious, kind, and a bit flawed. But they all learn that being flawed isn’t being broken, and that’s a life lesson I work on for myself.

My favorite cozy mysteries always have a dash of humor, maybe a tinge of romance, animals, and tons of friendship. There are always a few of my favorite pups, and a kitten or two. I love the small town feel with a hint of juicy gossip and friendly relationships that comes with it. I also love good food and my characters love it too! That’s why a bunch of my mysteries include free recipes.

I have a few published in Large Print paperback and as audio books.

One of my favorite places to write is curled up this fat oversized chair I found on sale someplace, with a cup of coffee. Usually there are dogs sleeping by my feet, or in the chair with me where somehow they double in size to hog up all the space. 🙂

Writing has been a life long passion of mine. My first published work is nonfiction Ghost No More. Most of all I love writing about the celebration of life

You can find more about CeeCee James and her books here.


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