Playing Around With Social Media

I realize I haven’t posted in some time. I thought I might share with you what’s happening that’s kept me from these pages. I could blame writer’s block but it wouldn’t be the truth. I was just plain tired and out of ideas.

I will share with you that my husband has short term memory loss and we are working with his doctors to find out the cause. That’s a story for another blog and another time. I felt pieced between all the responsibilities and unorganized when it comes to what I do on social media. I wasn’t having fun posting. It felt as it was a weight on my shoulders. I realized during soul searching that I needed a fun outlet and also to separate subjects and what I do on social media so my brain can quit multitasking and be more peaceful its thoughts.

One of my projects was to start a YouTube channel interviewing other authors and ordinary people. It’s called The Pink Percolator after my favorite coffee house in my Fuchsia Series. I carried it over to a blog, the-pink-per-cola-tor where I now leave my book reviews. Book reviews and conversation all in one place. I love having conversations with people and finding out more about their story.

This website, was hosted on a wonderful writing site but it was too complicated for me, and I couldn’t be as hands on as I wanted. They did it for me. You might think that it would save me time but my creativity with my site was being stymied. You might say I like control.

My Sprinkled Notes blog will be for heartfelt subjects, not my books. I might write about the challenges of finding doctors, working with memory loss, family members, or as the title suggests, sprinkles of this n that.

I am still on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but the most fun site my grandkids introduced me to is TikTok. Yes… I joined TikTok. I actually don’t know what I’m doing but I’m having fun doing it, and occasionally my grandkids join me. It releases so much stress and makes me do silly things. Perhaps I have a little of Granny in me after all.

I’m back. I hope to blog, write and who knows what else. Do me a favor and tell me what you like to see on blogs from authors. I’m listening. I might not take the advice. Did I mention I’m a control freak? Happy reading.

I almost forgot , I am writing. It’s a surprise. And…if you haven’t read my Fuchsia Series, Granny Hooks A Crook is available for free. Perma free on Kindle,, Kobo, Nook and others. Happy reading.

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