I’m Always Starting

My new book, Weed Lake is releasing on March 1. Writing this book was a little more complicated than when I first began my journey writing the Fuchsia Series and the Brilliant Series. I am older, and my brain doesn’t remember details as well. Weed Lake is a combination Fuchsia/Brilliant Crossover, so because of the subject, I needed to remember details from both series that I wrote a few years ago.

In deciding to write a crossover book I knew I needed to revisit both my series, especially the Fuchsia series and Granny’s history. I pulled out my files for Granny Hooks a Crook and had a new idea. I needed to update these books. Here’s what I found as I concentrate on Granny Hooks A Crook.

I started a lot, meaning Granny is always starting to go somewhere or starting to do something and so do all the other characters. I seem like that word more than any other word in the book. There were also some glaring editing errors. Being a newbie I didn’t know the rules and I took for granted a publisher would find everything. They didn’t, hence some of the criticism about the mistakes in the book. Hopefully, they will be remedied as the Fuchsia Series is changing.

Once I began reading (I so wanted to use the words started reading in this sentence) I knew it was time to update the insides and the outsides. The granny on the cover will be a drawing of my real grandmother, Edith, hence the Granny Edith Books you see on my logo for my book business. The insides will be brought up to date and they will have new covers. Do not fear, if you’ve already bought the books you should be able to update them when I release the updates.

My Grandma Young, unknowingly to me played a big part in my writing career. It was a fluke I got published. I wrote the first book when I was sick and writing Granny Hooks A Crook brought me out of a depression. I still struggle with anxiety and writing and reading help with that. I never intended it to be published, but one day I read a book and saw the Cozy Cat Press logo. Just like that I decided to send it in and the rest is history.

When my publisher, Cozy Cat Press designed the cover for my book I loved it. But the Granny on the cover looked familiar. One day while driving to a book signing I began thinking about my Grandma and I didn’t know why, and then I looked down at my Granny Hooks A Crook t-shirt. The Granny on my book looked just like my real grandmother who died when I was six years old. I didn’t think of her often but that day I felt her presence in pointing out she was with me.

I remember my grandma. In her 80s she still had coal black hair, no hair dye. She wore it long, pulled back in a bun. When we visited her at her home in the country, she would sit on her bed and let me comb her hair. On her dresser was always talcum powder that I now know smelled of orchids. To this day, when I smell that fragrance I remember Grandma.

This year, 2022 I decided to name my business after her and after checking with my publisher, I am going to replace the covers of my books with new covers and the drawing of my real grandma. We will update the biography, book lists and hoepfully fix some of the things I missed the first time. And… make sure none of my characters are starting too much of anything.

In the next few weeks I will be reading all my books and blog about my characters, how they came to be and some of their quirky traits.

In the meantime, my new book Weed Lake, can be preordered. Also I am running a sale on Amazon of the two series. You can get caught up if you haven’t met Granny and Jezabelle.

Here’s a synopsis of Weed Lake to tickly your cozy taste buds. Let me know what you think.

Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt, aka Granny, and Jezabelle Jingle are supersleuths in their own communities, Granny from Fuchsia and Jezabelle from Brilliant. Because they live only twenty miles apart in rural Minnesota, they are careful not to encroach on each other’s territory. Granny and Jezabelle both believe a rivalry exists on who is the better crime solver.

When Delight Delure, Granny’s friend and Jezabelle’s niece, sends them on vacation with the women’s two best friends, Mavis and Lizzy, they don’t know they will be actual cabin neighbors at Weed Lake in Northern Minnesota. During a skirmish with each other and an accidental plop in the lake, they find a dead body. Adding to the mystery are clues and puzzles left on their doorstep that may warn of danger and others that show friendship and caring. Which one should they believe? Are their lives in peril, or are they being pranked, and to what end?

The two cunning amateur sleuths work together to solve a murder that Sheriff Phil Puxatawny doesn’t take seriously. But mayhem breaks out, having all four women wondering if they’ll leave Weed Lake alive.

Available to preorder on Amazon and all other digital readers.

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