Changes In The Fuchsia Series

Things are a changing. Over the next few weeks, Granny in Fuchsia will look a little different. I have left Cozy Cat Press and will be updating my Fuchsia Series with new covers and newly edited content. What will that mean for my readers?

The e-book covers will be changing soon. All e-books will be available, but will have new covers and they will still be available on Amazon for 99 cents until March 1 when my new book Weed Lake will come out. It is available for preorder now. Granny Hooks A Crook is always free on both Amazon and other eread formats.

Granny is changing looks. The new Granny on the cover will be a character drawn to look like my real grandmother. Cozy Cat owns the rights to the old covers so I am designing new ones.

There are details to be taken care of which means the print version of the Fuchsia Series will no longer be available until I get new files formatted and on the sites. Please be patient with me and spread the word.

Wish me luck in my new endeavors.

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