Weed Lake Lingo

Another wonderful stop on my blog tour.

Julia Seedorf, author of Weed Lake, a Fuchsia/Brilliant, MN crossover, is visiting Ascroft, eh? today to tell us about using appropriate language in her mysteries.

Welcome, Julie. I’ll turn the floor over to you –

Weed Lake was ready to go. It was almost at the print point. My beta readers read the book, my editor scanned over it, and I thought I finally was going to leave it in the hands of the publishing gurus and then…. whoops. It was my daughter that caught my mistake. I had used an inappropriate phrase.

It wasn’t an intentional slight. It was a mistake of age. Let’s face it, I’m old and things weren’t always so politically correct. In fact, when I grew up things that now mean one thing in our world were innocent words meant exactly what they were named for. It wasn’t a slight to a person at that…

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