A Bit About Me As An Impassioned Writer

As human beings, Julie feels we are always a work in progress. From birth to death we live, hurt, laugh, cry, feel, and with all of those emotions we grow as people, as family members, and as friends. Julie is a dreamer and feels blessed to have the opportunity in her writing to pass those dreams on to others. Her motto is 

“You are never too old to dream and to turn those dreams into a creative endeavor.”

Julie lives in rural Minnesota and is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She has worn many hats throughout her life such as working as a waitress, nursing home activities person, office manager, and finally a computer repair person eventually owning her own computer sales and repair business.

She never forgot her love of writing and quit her computer business in 2012 after signing a contract with Cozy Cat Press for Granny Hooks A Crook, the first book in my Fuchsia, Minnesota Series.

Julie currently has written nine cozy mysteries, three children’s books, participated in three group anthologies or mysteries, and writes two blogs about various subjects.