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Getting Stale

It’s easy to get stale and in a rut when you get older. We get set in our ways. We find it hard to change. That also extends to the life of an author, especially if we are oldster challenged. As an author I have multiple media accounts and this blog is one of them.…

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A Book Cover Matters

When I started my new Whistle Stop Series I wanted to honor my hometown and also utilize talent we have in the area. That is when I called on photographer Dave Paal, Jr. I have been a fan of his photography for many years and I wanted to use his photos when I designed my…

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Granny Is Back!

Did you hear her yell the words “I’m Back?” Yes, Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt is back. From a water-skiing mishap where she finds a dead body to a trip to the Mall of America — have you seen Granny’s freeway driving — the Ecstatic Emporium is being reopened as an escape room venue and Granny’s…

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