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13590468_10207053393155239_895574845988907892_nIt’s easy to scroll through our Facebook posts, read something and keep on going. Over the years we develop friendships with people all over the world through our social media accounts. As authors we pull together as friends and because we share a passion for writing and reading, many of us become close friends even though we have never met. We spend time talking on our cell phones when we know one of us is hurting, listening, offering a shoulder and being a friend. We spend time on Facetime and Skype getting to know one another. Lisa Kelly is one of those people. She reviews Cozy Mysteries and goes out of her way to support all authors.

Recently I read between the lines of one of her posts and felt Lisa needed some help. Reluctantly she told me her story and that is how the GoFundMe page for Rent for Lisa started. We have raised some money but have a way to go so Lisa can get back on her feet again. Please read Lisa’s story and if you can, please donate to help her get caught up and move forward in her life. We all experience times when we need a little help. Even a dollar can make a difference. I introduce Lisa Kelly reviewer extraordinaire. I asked her to write a letter because she can explain her situation better than I can. And did I mention she is fair when she gives a book review.

12108211_10153732298987792_3698585073854452187_nLetter from Lisa explaining her situation:

Many of you have seen a post from Julie Seedorf asking for help for Lisa K. and her sister with help for their rent. And she has set up a Go Fund Me account. Those of you who know me, have no doubt figured out Julie is speaking of me. My beautiful friend asked me yesterday if I was okay. After hiding it from most, once I started telling Julie, I couldn’t stop. While a few have known, to share this information on FB with people I admire, wasn’t my idea. I’m embarrassed. After working so hard all my life, my sister Tammie as well, to find ourselves in this situation feels like a nightmare. We both had jobs at 15 years old. We both worked until situations stopped us from being able to do so. At 50, and 40 years old, we find ourselves in a place in our lives we never thought we would be in.


I’d like to say up front, we will not become homeless. Yes, we could be asked to move from this home, but our siblings would take us in. God bless them, they have been helping where they can as well. My brother always seems to have cooked too much for them to ever finish, so Tammie and I often find ourselves bringing home several nights of dinner for ourselves. My sister takes us to dinner, or will order take out and have it sent to us. And yet another sister has been sending holiday cards (for every holiday) and enclosing a little money in each card. Tammie and I aren’t starving. Tammie had a great job, and because of being “tight fisted” with her money (I’ve always teased her about that), we were good for many months after her unemployment stopped. That money is almost gone. I receive a disability check once a month that isn’t enough to keep one person, let alone two, afloat.


Our landlady has been amazing. We have rented from her for about 13 years. We were friends before that, and also employees of hers at one time. But after a year of not paying rent, of course it was time for her to say something to us. Again, we won’t be homeless, but our siblings would have to make major changes to have us stay with them. And, I’m not ashamed to admit, Tammie and I have never lived apart. We’re like those two old ladies from The Waltons. We have always lived together, and we figured we always would. Moving in with siblings, we would be living apart. Hey, not the worst thing in the world by a long shot, but still a big change in a world that has thrown a lot of changes at us since 2015.


This is pride talking now, but I don’t want my friends, you readers, bloggers, and authors, who mean so very much to me, I don’t want you to see me differently. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. I don’t want you to think less of me. I normally try not to care what people think of me, but my friends through Facebook, you are my world. My reasons for getting out of bed every day are to interact with all of you, to do the best reviews I can, to have the best blog I can, and to help all of you in any way I can. And I will always help in whatever way I can.


Now, according to Julie and a few other friends, one who suggested Go Fund Me several months ago (I said no. No way was I going to ask people to pay my rent.), I need to ask for help. Julie Seedorf, being the wonderful, extraordinary woman she is, took the choice from me and set up a Go Fund Me account, so my sister Tammie and I can pay our back rent. She has shared it with many, but has informed me it’s time for me myself to share the link. It can be found here . . . .


This is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Not only will my family in the cozy mystery community now all know about this, but old family friends that I am connected with through Facebook will now know as well. I will keep my head up. I will try hard to not be ashamed that I need help, and have now asked for it.


Thank you for your time, and your friendship.

God bless

Love Lisa

So far we have raised $2840.00. Here is the link to the GoFundMe page. Rent For Lisa. If you can’t donate please visit Lisa’s blog and support all the authors she supports. You may find your favorite author by browsing through Lisa’s site. May I add she charges us authors nothing for promoting our books. She loves to read and loves to help others. Because she is so generous we authors want to help her.

Lisa’s Blog

Lisa’s Twitter

This is also one of the ways Social Media can have a positive effect. For more on what we can do with Social Media to have a postive effect on our lives please visit Amy Beth Arkawy’s Blog Talk Radio show where we discussed different ways to help other people. Coffee Klatch – The Social Media Editioncc1d7d54-6c4c-41df-bca9-b3a6cab2747e_callcard-square-webonly

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to light, Julie! We know so many people on social media, but don’t really “know” them. I think there are a lot of people who struggle silently like this. Lisa K is such a lovely person who does wonderful things for authors and readers. She and her sister will be in my prayers and I’ll share this, hoping not only will it help their fund, but maybe some new enterprise will come to light that will help them even more! <3! God bless y'all.

  2. To Lisa, Worrying about you, a person who has come to feel like a real friend via FB, is not feeling sorry for you. We have all seen others that we never thought would need help but who now do. You bring a smile, a laugh, and light into my life evey day not even counting the books you introduce me to. Thank you. To Julie, Thank you for putting wishing we could help into action.

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